John Tierney creates videos and photos, ranging in a dynamic variety of genres and subjects. He’s been an in-house videographer at various startups, with a specialty in social media advertising. He’s worked with various clients like Sunbasket, BetterHelp, Udemy, Betabrand, BrandedFruit.Com, Skydojo Media, BlendJet, and more. He also makes music videos, dance videos, and short documentaries.

A John-of-All-Trades, he does everything from pre-production (writing, storyboarding, location scounting, production design), through production (cinematography, lighting, audio, directing) and post-production (editing, color correction).

He’s constantly inspired by the giants of filmmaking, and his taste guides him to always make the strongest, smartest artistic choices. He believes that art can transform lives, and he aims to always create work that explores new persepectives.